Saturday, August 7, 2010


By: Jimmy Galez II
Sphinx Vice President
Philippines - Headquarters


SPHINX is an angel guardian of the supreme self. The ART is the union of the mind and body for the perfection of soul. It is a physical and spiritual exercise, a method, a path, a meditation and mastery of martial art.

The aim of Sphinx is unity in earthly life. Its sets our physical, mental exercise that bring harmony of the mind and body in union with the supreme self.

Thru Sphinx the third eye is open and the truth of universe is known. The doctrine of love, charity and compassion brings enlightenment to every being. Those who practice Sphinx acquire discipline a subtle understanding of truth of one self.

The training is supreme because it involves all the essential elements of perfection, the master call this art.

The father and the founder of Sphinx called MASTER, instructors are called either LAKAN, RAJAH GUNG-AN and SULTAN. Women experts are called DAYANG-DAYANG and RAHANI.

This art followed the noble path of the ancient hermitage system which trained the mind of body with the union with nature. Sphinx is a LUTAO MARTIAL ARTS which was handed down in secret order from one generation to another. This art is the hermit lineage of the GALEZ CLAN.

The father of the old Lutao Art was a hermit ancestor of Master Jimmy B. Galez. The art was lethal and the doctrine was taught in secret because the art is the key to mastery of universal forces. Guros's practice in close doors like caves or in any secret places in order to conceal the techniques from the outsiders. Not all the members of the clan were taught but only those who qualified for the order. Discipline was strict, mental training were raged and martial arts sparring were not controlled.

Master was expert in both armed and unarmed combats. Arnis De Mano was also part of the training, the technique of which was confined to the use of sticks, staff, spear and bolos. Arnis 63 Generals have 63 styles and per style we do have 12 strikes, 12 defenses and 12 locks. Some secret style of 63 Generals called LINGWAHE style or what we called a language of Arnis De Mano.

Sphinx used to play PASAPAR, a fight with a real bolo coming from any direction and non- controlled to develop confidence and kick arnis, a combination of Karate and Arnis De Mano where you can kick, sweep, punch and lock you opponent just like Filipino warriors in the early late century.

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  1. Good afternoon Lakan. I just want to know if Sphinx Karato Clan Qatar chapter is one of the decendants of Master Jimmy B. Galez.

    Your respectfully,

    Dominador Casinillo
    Sphinx Karato Clan Qatar Chapter